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Comfort Cleaning Hygiene & Bin Service – Sanitary Bins For Sanitary & Personal Waste.


With Comfort Cleaning’s sanitary bins you can dispose of all sanitary (feminine waste) and personal waste including tampons, panty liners, baby wipes, cotton swabs, sticking plaster, tissues incontinence pads, nappies and condoms.

All sanitary bins comply with legislation & our sanitary bins’ unique design addresses any concerns around handling sanitary waste.

Our sanitary bins have world leading antibacterial properties along with a specially designed maladour blocker/fragrance.

The Department of Health has clearly stated that sanitary bin waste (as well as incontinence pads, nappies etc) are not clinical/infectious waste and should be correctly classed as offensive waste.

The DOH further states that classifying waste correctly provides “one of the biggest opportunities to reduce wasted energy used in unnecessary treatment of non-infectious wastes and potentially introduces significant cost savings.”

Your organisation can help reduce wasted energy and reduce your carbon impact by simply switching to our sanitary bins, We are local & competitively priced.

Comfort sanitary bins reduce costs.

This classification is very important and means your organisation can dispose of sanitary (feminine) waste easily, legally and simply by using Comfort Cleaning’s sanitary disposal bins and your organisation does not need to use a sanitary bin supplier. As a result, many organisations have switched over to using Comfort Cleaning.

Hygiene and Sanitation Services
Whether large or small, we have a washroom service package that will suit your needs and your budget.

Feminine Sanitary Disposal

The units are serviced on a fortnightly or monthly basis.  The units feature a wide-opening modesty tray, safely and hygienically hiding the refuse from view inside the unit. All of our sanitary disposal units contain BIOCLEAN granules to sanitise and combat unpleasant smells without harming the environment.

Comfort Cleaning sanitary disposal service includes the rental our sanitary disposal bins including regular scheduled visits from our trained and uniformed staff that provide dependable and discreet on site servicing.

Comfort Cleaning inventory management and thorough service programs mean you’ll never be caught short.

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We Have A Washroom Service Package That Will Suit Your Needs & Your Budget!

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