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asthmaComfort Cleaning is a family owned business run by husband & wife team Adam & Debra Calderbank. We started  our cleaning business in 2006 when our boys were young  and as they have grown, so has our cleaning network.

Starting locally in the Southern Highlands, Comfort Cleaning has now expanded its services and now has customers in the South Coast, the Macarthur area and even further away.

We’ve trained ourselves to listen to the needs of every day people & pushed ourselves to complete the task at hand. Our staff are highly trained & wear the Comfort Cleaning uniform with pride.

Our obsessive attention to detail means you can expect perfection, every time no matter how big or small the job. Our premium cleaning products, advanced equipment and quality processes allow for an unmatched calibre of clean.

Each member of our cleaning team has been chosen for their honesty and self directional skills, their reliability and their ability to complete a job to satisfaction.

100% of our existing customers say they would recommend Comfort Cleaning to other businesses, their families & friends. Positive word of mouth is the reason we have grown to become the most sought after Commercial Cleaning company in the Southern Highlands and beyond. Plus…


  • Our cleaning services are Asthma friendly, helping Australians to breathe better.
  • All of our OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) & safety requirements are to a Mine Site standard & accreditation.
  • We help, sponsor and support local community activities and organisations such as Bundanoon’s yearly world famous Scottish festival, Brigadoon.

Reasons why people put their trust in Comfort Cleaning:

1.   Comfort Cleaning is reliable and consistent.
2.   Comfort Cleaning is affordable whilst never cutting corners.
3.   We look out for your health with green cleaning products where possible.
4.   Comfort Cleaning takes pride in customer service and satisfaction.
5.   We screen, train and certify every member of our cleaning teams.

6. We use tested and proven methods to ensure the job is done right.
7. We use established standard business & commercial cleaning procedures.
8. Comfort Cleaning learns your needs quickly to ensure satisfaction.
9. We comply with federal, state and local laws and are fully insured.
10. We brings  own service equipment, cleaning products and supplies.

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Our 20 years of commercial cleaning experience ensure job satisfaction every time.

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We work around the clock, day & night at a time that suits you & your business.

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Each of our team members have been trained to the Comfort Cleaning standards.

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We’re always available to be contacted by phone, email or through our website.

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